Plaza Catalonia

Catalonia Plaza is the most famous tourists places in Barcelona and is considered to be the beating heart of the city as it mains the entrance of the international Barcelona exhibition which was established in the year 1929. It is an important axis that connect the old Gothic buildings with the modern town.

The area of Catalonia Barcelona Plaza is 50 acres and in the middle there is a fascinating fountain and two running tracks for bullfight the thing that increased the importance of Catalonia Plaza in Barcelona and made it a major milestone.

The Plaza is known for its proximity to the most prominent tourist landmark in Spain and the most popular places in the city, like for example the Gotha quarter and the Ramala street that contains many restraints, coffees theatres and marketing centers.

Activities you can practice at Catalonia/Barcelona Plaza

You will enjoy the Walking Sport in the middle of a unique scenes provided to by Barcelona Plaza accompanied by the beautiful pigeons where you can take memorable photos. For yourself and the family.

You can also sits at restaurants which are available here, taking your favorite meals enjoying the beautiful scenes and buy whatever you wants from the commercial centers there.


Barcelona City History Museum

Barcelona history museum was officially opened in 14 April 1943, in Barcelona city. The Museum is located at the Gothic suburb and is dedicated to display and preserve the history of Barcelona since the Roman era. The Museum is considered the most important Spanish tourism landmark and it administer many tourist site in different Spanish locations.

The Museum contains a show of the remains of ancient Roman city called Barceno and some ruins of the medieval plus the contemporary town. Also the Museum Contains some medieval ruins attribute to the period of Christ and some 18 century oil paints.

 Activities that you can practice

You can tour inside the museum hall that contains various objects of the history of Barcelona and its archaeological sites and you can note during tour in the Roman hall some archeologically that relate to Barceno colony as well as containing a number of remains of carved columns. You would see a museum distinguished by its Gothic pieces and a number of exhibits and documents aged 1500 years as well as seeing various paintings and mosaic floors.

It is important to visit the hall of personal belongings which belong to persons who lived in the town before many years, their belongings portray a glimpse of their heritage and traditions. 

Camp Nou Stadium

Camp Nou is a football Stadium in Barcelona city, which means " the new garden". Camp Nou, is the headquarters of the famous Spanish football team Barcelona since 1957. The stadium is famous landmark of Barcelona and one of the most outstanding tourism places.

Camp Nou lies 4 km. meters from the down town, with a length of 250m. and width of 220m. a stadium covers an area of 55,000sm.

The Camp Nou can accommodate hundred thousand Spectators, and it is considered the biggest stadium in the whole Europe. The Camp Nou hosts various important football champions in history, as for example the half final of the World Cup Championship in 1982, as well as the final of the European Champion in 1982.

La sagrada Familia Church

The holy family Church, is Christian Catholic Roman Church, which is considered the biggest Church in Europe.The church lies in the l a sagrada familia neighborhood of Barcelona/ the  building was initiated in 1882, by the world architect Antio Jawadi in (1852-1926) who dedicated 15 years of his life to build it, he declared repeatedly that he was not in a harry to finish the building, and after his death a local architects continued the work on it  but was interrupted by the Spanish Civil war. It is expected that its building will finish in 2026, though it was chosen in 2007 among the twelve Spanish treasures.

La rambla

It is equally popular among the tourists and the local residents. Trees rows on each sides and extend to 1.2 m. L a rambla is always crowed especially, at the peak of the tourist season. It is popularity among tourists have affected the nature of the street crowed with   pavement coffees and the ticket stalls. L a rambla suffered from thieves especially in the south part. L a rambla street is opposite to Palazzi Catalona where you may find street singers and many restaurants and Bars and Bocoria market with joy and fun, also there are smaller markets with painters.


(EI parc del laberinto) Labyrinth Garden

It is one of the famous tourist site in Barcelona, it lies at the crossroad of Horta and Joenardo and it is the oldest of its kind in this fascinating city. The garden lies near bridge Coeserwla and extends on 9,1 hectares of land. It's construction draws from the classic design of the past eighteenth century. This garden is becoming a prominent landmark for tourism in Spain, it is like a museum which host a limited number of visitors, not exceeding seven hundred and fifty simultaneously so as to preserve the natural environment of the garden. Normally, a number of films and series footage were taken here.

Activities in the Garden

A visit to the garden and touring around the corridors of plants through the labyrinths and passageways, enjoying the beauty of the water channels in the garden also a tour to the Desvaless Palace which combines the elements of Arabic and Gothic architecture and viewing the garden. Touring the Greek ancient ruins designed in the older Gothic style, these are the temples, pavilions and pillars remain as if in the older days

During the tour in the labyrinth garden Horrita, everyone must keep his cameras ready to take magnificent photos of the garden and the archaeological monuments there.

Park Guell

It is a public garden and historical park north Barcelona, located at Laco neighborhood in Garcia region it is considered the most famous tourism places in Barcelona and one of the most preferred by tourists coming to Barcelona.

Joyal garden contains green areas wide and extend as well as the existence of models of architecture of special and distinct characteristics. The garden was built between 1900-1914, and was officially opened to the public in 1926, and in 1984, the garden was declared as a site of international heritage where thousands tour it each year.

In the garden there are many wild birds, especially Parrots which was brought from different parts of the world, also there are other birds like eagles and hawks.

Activities that can practice in Joyel Garden 

You can tour and enjoy the wider green areas in the garden, you would enjoy and relax by watching the artistic performance and the games of sound and light performed inside the garden, the garden atmosphere, decorations and mosaic add more brightness and joy.

You enjoy capturing some wonderful collection of photographs in this place, and this unique harmony of model of art, mosaic and nature as if it is a museum in open air, and looking at the wonderful sun sets.

Barcelona Zoo

It is one of the most prominent tourism landmark in Barcelona located at Seotadella in Barcelona, it was opened for the public in 1892, it's area reach 13 hectares and considered the most important tourist sites in Spain and the most modern Zoo in the world.

The Zoo has a large number of unique animals and becoming in a shorter time the most attractive Zoo for tourists in Spain and the garden is becoming famous due to the existence of the only white gorilla in the world which died in 2003.

IN the garden there are a great number of popular animals like giraffes, lions, elephants bears and gazelle and other animals.

Activities in Barcelona's Zoo

You can tour the Zoo to see different type of animals and get to know their environment, their original habitat and how they can be taken care of inside the Zoo, also you may feed these smaller animals.

You can ride small open bus and enjoy a safari by moving from one part to the other enjoying the fascinating scenes in the garden and view bigger trees, water fountains and pools.

For those the amateur photographers you can photo many wonderful photos of animals and colored birds

You can also enjoy the Dolphin and other animal’s performance by the most experience animals trainers inside the exhibition halls.

Arc de Triomf

It is a memorial that lays at the junction of Baseo de saint Jaun  with la Rounda de saint bedro in Barcelona city of Spain. It was established by the architect Jowseep villaseca to be the main gate of the international exhibition in Barcelona in 1988.where the decoration works was made by Joseep Reinese Lemona Antionue Villanova and Turcoat Tuse Manwell Fosha and Bare Carboynell. Contrary to what is in the arch of victory in Barcelona this has civilian style aiming to reach artistic, scientific and economic progress. Arc de Triomf sometimes was used as an end the most popular highways as Jan Boen or Marathon Barcelona, also it was used in the past as a places for carnivals and music events like Bremaveera sond but, was demolished.

The most important Hotels in Barcelona

W hotel, a five stars’ hotel built in a boat shape in Barcelona coast, it is the most preferred in town by tourists. The hotel provides a high standard rooms with a beautiful sea sight, in spa area you can find a beauty treatment and relaxation and external swimming pool, Sona, steam rooms and Jacuzzi.

The One Barcelona, one of Barcelona hotels classified as 5 stars, some tourists prefer it because of its excellent location which lies from Passeo de gracia a distance of 5 minutes walking.

One of the hotels of Barcelona classified as 5 stars, located in Passeo de gracia, is the Magestic Hotel.

Hotel Renaissance Barcelona which is a 5 stars hotels, the unconventional hotel was built in the year,1967 and was revamped in the year 2012. The hotel is located 1 km away from Passeo de gracia.